perrin & rowe instant hot taps

Thinking of a boiling water tap?

The boiling water tap is the new must have kitchen gadget, and they are slowly becoming more of an affordable option for every kitchen.

Boiling instant hot taps are available as 3-in-1 hot sink mixer taps, or as a standalone hot water dispenser tap, supplying instant boiling water from an insulated tank under the sink, which is heated electronically. A high quality filtration system improves water purity and reduces limescale. The taps also feature safety mechanisms to prevent children, and adults, from burning themselves.

They have been hyped as the gadget that will replace the common kettle and designed to save time and energy and appliance brands have all jumped on the eco bandwagon. People overfill their kettles all the time – you should only boil as much water as you need – overfilling is an eco no-no! The eco concept behind the boiling tap is that you only use as much water as you need.

Boiling water on tap is a huge time saver and if it does achieve its dream of replacing the kettle, the phrase ‘a watched pot never boils’ will be a thing of the past! Cooking pasta, rice and vegetables and of course drinking a much loved cuppa will become a speedier process in-line with our modern fast-paced lives.

If you would like to find out more information then pop into are showroom at 241-243 Seaside Eastbourne and try our display model.



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