vuplex cleaner

Protect your kitchen like a professional…

Protect your new kitchen with Vuplex

Those in the know use Vuplex, a clever cleaner and anti-static treatment which will maintain the look and shine of your high gloss kitchen cupboards and worksurfaces. Vuplex is even useful for hard non-porous finishes such as quartz and granite worktops and has many uses around the home.Watch the video below for more information.

Vuplex is food-safe and kind to surfaces that might otherwise break down and become damaged when harsh cleaners and solvents are used. This product also restores and repairs fine scratches in old acrylic and plastic materials, and even makes surfaces more resistant to scratching in future.

Pop in to our showroom and purchase a can with a free cloth.

Large can 375g – £15.00
Medium can 200g – £10.00
Small can 50g – £7.00



vuplex cleaner


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