perrin & rowe instant hot taps

Perrin & Rowe instant hot taps

At Riggzy complete Kitchen solutions we can now supply a full range of Perrin and Rowe taps.

This includes the Instant Hot CollectionPerrin & Rowe Instant Hot Taps are perfect for hot drinks, cooking, food preparation and cleaning. Instant hot water is available at multiple pre-set temperatures, ranging from 75°C to 98°C. Temperature control accurate to within 0.5°C is enabled by a state of the art digital touch screen display. A high quality filtration system improves water purity and reduces limescale.

Perrin & Rowe Instant Hot Taps are available as 3-in-1 hot sink mixer taps, or as standalone hot water dispensers. Choose from a number of traditional and contemporary styles, and from a variety of finishes including polished nickel and gold.

Benefits of the Instant Hot Collection:

3 in 1 hot tap

Heater Tank

  • Digital touch screen display
  • Moveable fixing bracket
  • Multiple pre-set temperatures ranging from 75°C to 98°C, digital temperature control accurate to 0.5°C
  • Vented system
  • 13 amp socket
  • 2.4 litre capacity tank
  • operates from as low as 1.5 bar.


  • Non pressurised filter housing
  • Quick and easy filter replacement
  • nano filtration technology removes debris, water, borne cysts, bacteria, chlorine, chemicals, bad taste and odour
  • Lime scale reduction
  • 6 month filter life
  • Complimentary reminder service for replacement cartridges

Safety features

  • unique anti-scold locking mechanism
  • Rapid reheat with zero run off and spit free.


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